Become a client magnet & attract and win high-paying clients.

...without ever having to make cold calls or compete on price!

Freelance Social Media Managers... are you ready to...

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Become a client magnet & attract and win high-paying clients.

Everyone talks about being a freelance social media manager being easy.

They say you just post pretty pictures on Instagram or scroll through TikTok all day.

Sounds like the dream...


You're chasing your tail to find clients and end up having to drop your fees to win their work.

Then when you get started, the client goes one of two ways... they either ghost you and never send you what you need to get the results you want, so they end up disappointed and end the contract early.

Or they're on your case constantly, driving you crazy with last minute changes and treating you like an employee... but you can't ditch them because you need the money.

It. Is. Draining.

But you see other freelancers living the high life. Working with great clients and being paid the big bucks for their work. You just need somebody to show you how you can do it too.

"Be a freelancer!" they said.
"It'll be easy!" they said.

That 'Somebody' is US!

The answer to making good money as a freelance social media manager ISN’T saying yes to every opportunity. (After all, not every opportunity is a good opportunity!)

After years of working as freelance social media managers ourselves and having helped over 4000 freelancers in our programmes, we can tell you with 100% certainty that in order to build a great business, you need to say no to more opportunities than you say yes to.

We're The Two Lauras,
your new business mentors!


I’ve worked in social media marketing for more than a decade and have 15+ years experience in membership development. 

I’ve built two successful businesses using the power of social media and continue to work with private social media clients – so you can trust me to practice what I preach.

With three young children, a husband and a dog, family life is often manic, messy, mayhem! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I'm Laura Davis

hey there!


Working in sales and marketing is in my blood – in fact, it’s been my career since I was 16 years old! 

When my son William was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2009, I was forced to re-evaluate everything in my life. So I set up a business that allowed me to work around hospital visits and give round-the-clock care.

I’m proud that, together with Laura, I’ve been able to build a business that fits around my family while supporting others do the same.


I'm Laura Moore

hey there!

Most people think being picky about who you work with means you end up with fewer clients and less income. The opposite is actually true.

Businesses don't just want any social media manager.

They want the best they can afford.

And you want the ones who truly understand the value you bring to their business.

It’s time to become 'the Harrods of social media managers', where quality reigns supreme.

Clients will know they're getting the best person looking after their social media platforms, and will be excited to work with you… even if it does cost them more. 


The Client Magnet Masterclass


A 90-minute training to help you become a client magnet so you can finally attract and win the high-paying clients your business deserves.

Give us 90 minutes and we'll show you how to...

→ Identify the PERFECT clients for your business.

→ Magnetise your messaging to bring those perfect clients to YOU.

→ Show the value you bring to businesses so you can repel low-paying leads and stand out as THE PERFECT OPTION to the clients who want to pay you the big bucks.

→ Get your leads feel excited about saying 'YES' to working to you!

… and you don’t even have to wait... you can get started right now!


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The client magnet masterclass is a 90-minute training that you can watch from your office, sofa, garden... heck watch it in the bath if you like, we won't tell anyone!

We’re ready to show you why you’re not getting the best clients for you right now and how to change that.

You’ll see how to create opportunities rather than chase after them and tell you exactly what to say on your socials to stand out to your perfect clients (the ones who want to pay you the big bucks!)

We’ll explain how your perceived value is the crucial piece in the freelancing jigsaw so you can finally start to be seen as the Harrods or Lamborghini of social media managers rather than the Lidl or Ford.

And you’ll know exactly what to do once you’ve won a client so you can get them great results so they stick around for the long term.

It’s easy to follow and implement so you won’t be left scratching your head afterwards.

So how does this actually work?

Get started today

Add to cart only $95 $20


Dive into the client magnet masterclass and if you don’t feel more confident to move forwards and win higher-paying clients we’ll personally refund you your money, no questions asked.

And we’ll even give you 30 days to try it out.


It's decision time

You can keep doing things the way you have been...

Or you can invest just $95 $20 and literally change your business game by...

❌ Sending cold emails

❌ Working with terrible clients

Making no money

❌ Hating your business

❌ Considering getting a ‘proper’ job

✅ Knowing who you want to work with (and who you dont).

✅ Magnetising your messaging to attract GREAT clients.

✅ Positioning yourself as the Harrods of social media pros.

✅ Confidently converting great clients.

✅ Providing great results to keep your clients for the long term

Which Would You Rather Do?

There’s nothing to lose (except maybe your terrible clients) and EVERYTHING to gain!

For just a small investment of $95 $20, you can become a client magnet work with great, high-paying clients.


Add to cart only $95 $20